When watching Twelve, others have found the following suggestions helpful.


- It will be best to watch one, or maybe two, films per session. This will allow enough time to discuss each film in its own right. The important thing is to watch and listen to them carefully, letting their story enter into our own.

- You may want to watch each film more than once to make sure that you have heard what each person is sharing, and to make sure that you have heard their question clearly.

- For each film, you might want to ask the following questions:

What is your response to the story? did it make you think or feel anything in a new way?

For each character, the question they ask is a question that has persisted throughout their life. Do feel that the question they have asked in this film is also persistent for you? Or does is touch on another question you might regularly encounter?

How do you think this this particular question relates to how we think about God?

Does the Bible shape how we think about this question? If so, how?


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